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Practice Like Pros, founded February, 2013, is a national movement to reduce needless injury in adolescent football. Our primary activity is a traveling clinic which shows youth and high school coaches – not tells them, shows them on video – how NFL and college teams practice with less contact.  The sad, startling statistic is that 58% of high school concussions occur not in games but on the practice field. In the NFL, that number is 4%.


We’ve presented this clinic to more than 10,000 coaches and administrators in 26 states and testified before Congress.  Our gratification during these clinics is watching coaches’ faces melt from skepticism to consideration to acceptance.


We bridge the great divide from medical science to athletic administration to coaching.  Rather than a top-down approach, we've instead gone directly to coaches, talked football with them, shared our expertise at no cost, won their respect, then asked them to collaborate with us on contact reduction to improve the game they/we love so dearly.

We advocate these limits on full-contact practice:​​

  • No full contact in spring/summer,

  • 6 hours total including scrimmage(s) in pre-season,

  • 15 minutes per week in regular- and post-season.

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