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PLP Presents Directly to Players

For the first time ever, Practice Like Pros appeared before a squad of high school players yesterday in the Media Center of Westhill HIgh School, Stamford, CT.  During the past five years, PLP's ever-evolving video clinic has been presented to 10,000 coaches and administrators in 26 states, but never directly to a high school team until yesterday.

Westhill Head Coach Frank Marcucio extended the invitation to PLP founder Terry O'Neil after hearing him May 23 at the Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference (FCIAC) Coaches Clinic in New Canaan, CT.

Marcucio messaged O'Neil:  "I like the way Practice Like Pros has put all the information together.  Getting kids to buy into the mentality is always a huge issue, but your explanations are great.  I think using your platform and video demonstration will go a long way in having the kids see what we are trying to accomplish, rather than just listening to us.  Another voice is sometimes the best!  It will allow us to try your teaching in spring practice."

Marcucio has resurrected Westhill's program during the past six years, despite a roster that has declined from 80 players in 2012 to 54 in the room yesterday.  He attributes his success in part to immediate adoption of Seahawks Tackling when the technique was first introduced by Seattle Coaches Pete Carroll and Rocky Seto four years ago.  He ended the meeting yesterday by directing his players to google-search and watch online the three Seahawks Tackling videos.

O'Neil remarked after the event, "What a fabulous experience.  These kids are so smart, so attuned to the health and safety issues in high school football.  As we presented techniques from higher levels of the game, it was fun to watch their faces melt from quizzical to neutral to acceptance.  It's obvious that Coach Marcucio has done great work with them."

Yesterday's presentation was one of nine in Connecticut this year for Practice Like Pros.  High school coaches in Connecticut and New Jersey are presently considering significant reductions in full-contact practice.     

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