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Atlanta Falcons Welcome PLP

Practice Like Pros enjoyed a prime presentation slot and warm audience reception from Georgia youth and high school coaches Friday at the Atlanta Falcons Coaches Huddle in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta.

It was a lavish affair, featuring a Thursday night reception, tours of the stadium and Friday afternoon gourmet sit-down lunch in the Delta Sky360 Club, all at no cost to attending coaches.

"The Falcons treat these coaches like royalty, as they deserve," said PLP founder Terry O'Neil.  "This organization appreciates the linear connection from youth football to high school, through college to the NFL.  And they act on their insight with investments like funding flag football in all 159 counties of Georgia.  This is the work of Rich McKay, their president and CEO.  He's Princeton-educated, a former practicing attorney, but his most important credential is that he was a ballboy at age 17-18 when his father, the legendary John McKay, coached the Tampa Bay Bucs.  From a young age, Rich has understood football and football people."

McKay is chairman of the NFL Competition Committee, which studies the game and recommends rules changes to advance player safety.  In his keynote address, he called for a summit meeting among all levels of the game to standardize fundamental language and teaching principles.

"Amen," said O'Neil.  "Traveling the country these past few years, we've seen such confusion among national organizations about tackling technique. And there's still wide disagreement on something as basic as the definition of full contact.  We look forward to Rich McKay's meeting."

Reaction from Georgia Coaches

  • "Terry, Thanks for a great presentation Friday at the Falcons' Coaches Huddle.  It really opened my eyes to new approaches on how we prepare our football team.  At your convenience, I would appreciate a copy of the presentation and any other resources you could provide.  Thanks for your time and insight." --Camiel Grant Jr., Assistant Head Football Coach, Assistant Athletic Director, Newton High School, Covington, GA

  • "I like the concept.  I like the presentation.  We have to quit losing boys to soccer." -- George Spencer, Vice President, Georgia Athletic Coaches Association (GACA)

  • "Mr. O'Neil, I enjoyed your presentation today.  I would appreciate any video clips you are willing to send.  I am in charge of discussing tackling with youth coaches in our community.  Your information will be very helpful." -- Coach Brad Williams, Archer High School, Lawrenceville, GA

Reaction from Rutgers/NJFCA Clinic

"I just finished reading Tackling Dummies.  You handed out copies at the Rutgers clinic.  Great read.  And your presentation was outstanding.  As a 35-year coaching veteran, I plan on using many lessons from the book and presentation.  Thanks." -- Brian Kennedy, Defensive Coordinator/LB Coach, Penncrest High School, Media, PA.

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